Recessionista on the loose

Like a lion hunting for its prey. A prisoner escaped from a penal institution. Recessionista was on the loose.

On the loose: “having escaped, especially from confinement”

Yep, that would sort of sum it up. Free from my self-inflicted prison. Broken through the barriers that I established for myself. Gladfully and gratefully making use of the tiny little loophole in my shopping sabbatical rule book. A loophole that after three months of not shopping for clothes was more than welcome. A loophole that has brought me out on high street again scavenging for new items. THE GIFT-CLAUSE. The clause that states that I am allowed to accept clothes as gifts.

Recessionista has been lavished with fashionable gifts: Boyfriend, Mum, Friends. All have pitched in to help this poor little fashion victim into a new outfit. All in celebration of my birthday. And I truly felt like a birthday girl.

Despite the birthday-buzz, there was also some major planning and strategizing involved. Only one birthday a year. Still 9 more months of not-shopping to go. This means I had to select my desired items carefully. Should I go for basic items? Ones that I could wear to any occasion. Or should I go for the more unique, special items. Clothes that I wouldn’t quickly buy myself, but that I had thought about buying many times before?

I decided to keep an element of surprise and to let my loved ones decide just what exactly I would be wearing the next couple of months. With a few suggestions on my part of course. And so I decided to create a wish list. You may have heard of wedding registries, where soon to be husband and wife can indicate what bridal gifts they would like to receive? Well, it turns out that you can register wish lists for almost any occasion (Wishlist). All you have to do is register, download the wish list button and then shop online for the desired items. As soon as you see an item you like, click on the button and it gets added to the wish list account. Friends and family can then go to the website and decided what they would like to give. Exciting!

I decided to go for more basic items and tried to keep the upcoming summer in mind.

Absolutely forbidden were:

  • dresses (a girl really doesn’t need more than 10)
  • boots (already have pairs in grey, black (2x), brown (light and dark) and beige. Plus, I’m clinging on to the fact that we will once again have a warm and sultry summer, so no need for boots then.
  • shorts and bikinis. Because I have been clinging on to the fact that we will once again have a warm and sultry summer, there are 4 bikinis and 5 pairs of shorts that I have hardly every worn before.

So what did I put on my list?

  • A pair of regular fit, bootcut jeans
  • Short-sleeved figure-fit top in jersey with blue and white stripes
  • Top in textured jersey with a woven, transparent yoke at the top with crochet lace and pearly buttons, and 3/4-length sleeves with a tab and button.
  • A white floral straight-style chiffon tunic with concealed buttons at the top and two breast pockets.
  • Ballet pumps in crochet lace with rubber soles.

These are just some of the items from the list, but the focus was mostly on basics and tops. I also based my choices on tips from the stylist and previous personal research and of course on items that I really missed over the last three months. This meant going for the colours and shapes that look good on me instead of choosing things that I generally like. And so I had to say goodbye to the short-sleeved figure-fit top in red and white stripes and go for the blue and white one.

Tonight will be the moment supreme: I’m having dinner at mum’s and will receive my much-anticipated birthday parcel from H&M. So excited!

More about my b-day gift outfits soon.