10 essential items for a woman’s wardrobe

It’s been a while since my last blog and I just want to assure you that I’m still going strong. I haven’t jumped on a plane for a city trip to New York to satisfy my appetite for shopping. I’m not buried in plastic bags from my favorite retail outlets and I haven’t surfed the escalators of the local shopping mall in search of a new outfit. I have been a very good girl and have behaved just like a good girl should behave. No shopping for me, not even a little…

I’ve completely lost my will to shop. For the past couple of days I have been confined to my bed, not being able to walk, talk or even sleep properly. Reason? I’ve had surgery and as a result my face has swollen to the size of a balloon, turning me into a young, blonde, not as hunchbacked, yet still quite frightening female version of Quasimodo.

This surgery has really taken away my will to do pretty much anything. Anything except watch episodes of the popular Dutch reality show ‘Wie is de Mol’ (who’s the mol?), a show in which 10 Dutch celebrities (whether you can actually call them that would be open to debate) need to complete tasks to earn money. However, there is one saboteur in their midst whose task it is to make sure they end up with as little money as possible. Each episode, one candidate – the one who has the lowest score in a quiz about the mol – gets sent home. In the end, only three candidates are left: the winner, the loser and the mol. For the past 5 days, I’ve been watching series 5-9 (2005-2009), 10 hours per series. It seems I have replaced my addiction to shopping with an addition to reality shows. Not sure which one is best..

But as I said, I’ve been a good girl when it comes to shopping. But it hasn’t been easy. Two months in and I’m really noticing the lack of some essential items in my wardrobe. Suffice to say that I have plenty of clothes. The problem is that many of them are not really multipurpose items. To illustrate: how, where and why would I wear a black, sequined mini skirt other than the New Year’s eve party I went to several years ago? I’m open to suggestions guys….

According to style guru Tim Gun, there are 10 essential items each woman should have in her wardrobe. Let’s see how well my wardrobe meets these requirements:

Basic Black Dress

A black dress I have. In fact, I now have two black dresses (used to be 3 until I gave one away at the little green dress event). The problem with these dresses is that they can hardly be called ‘basic’. The first one is a sexy mini dress with lace. Very nice to wear on a night out, but inappropriate anywhere outside the entertainment areas. The other, is a longer, more conservative and flowy dress. Lovely, but really only suitable for festive occasions such as christmas and weddings due to the fabric. Conclusion: I need a new black dress. One that is basic enough to wear to work, but that can also be easily jazzed up with the right shoes and accessories for a night out with the girls.

1-0 for Tim…

Trench Coat

I’m quite sure that Tim isn’t referring to my light blue, flowery rain coat, which is sort of trench coat looking, yet so distinct in colour that I only want to wear it out in the pouring rain when there are as few people outside to witness it. So no… 2-0 for Tim.

Dress Pants

Tim says they don’t have to be black, but that it’s probably the colour you want to look for since it flatters every figure. I don’t wear them often, but I definitely have some: black, comfortable chinos. Now all I need is to find things to combine them with. Catching up: 2-1.

Classic Shirt

Preferably white. Find one that accentuates ‘your best attributes’. Not sure that my classic shirt does that, but I do have two white shirts that will do for the time being. The fact that I usually wear one of them at least once a week shows they truly are essential items. Head to head: 2-2.


Everyone has a pair of jeans, so I definitely have at least one pair I wear regularly. The problem is that I don’t have a pair of jeans that make me look great. I never really put much thought into what shape, size, style of jeans I buy.  And I really should. I should also invest in a more dressy pair of jeans that I can easily wear to work. 3-2.

Any Occasion Top

Definitely have plenty of tops, so no void there. 3-3.


Also not a problem. I have several skirts: casual, business, mini, maxi, pencil. You name it. Shopaholic takes the lead: 3-4.

Day Dress

I love dresses! I’m such a girlie girl. A flower princess. But I have to be honest. I have very few dresses that I can wear during the day. Most of my dresses are very much evening attire and whenever I wear them during the day, I always have people asking me what the special occasion is or whether I have a party to go to afterwards. Pretty much a sign that my dresses aren’t ‘day’ enough. 4-4


Hmm, yes, who doesn’t have a jacket. I still really really REALLY want a perfectly fitted leather jacket. But to say that I NEED it. no. I have a lovely denim jacket, cut in the waist that I wear a lot and that I can make many different outfits with. No problems there. 4-5. It’s going to be a close call.

Sweatsuit Alternative

Hate sweatsuits, but love comfortable clothes. So I like Tim’s suggestion of a sweatsuit alternative. Something that is casual and comfortable, but that you wouldn’t feel embarrassed to be seen in by your colleagues. Over the past few days, I’ve found many a sweatsuit alternative among my collection of clothes. Seeing as I had a lot of friends, family members and colleagues visiting me on my sick-bed, I wanted to look dressed yet still feel comfortable while slouching on the sofa. So I’ve worn boyfriend jeans with a cute top and cardigan, leggings with an empire dress and a long cardigan and chinos with a hooded sweater.

And the winner is…….Shopaholic! 4-6.

On my list of items to buy:

  • Jeans
  • Basic black dress
  • Trench coat
  • Day dress

And only 10 more months before I can buy these.