The girl in the grey scarf

I finished my first project: a lovely warm grey scarf.

Last week I went to the Sunday Market in Amsterdam Westerpark. It’s one of my favourite markets. Only held once a month (first Sunday of the month), I always try to have a peek when it’s on. They call it a fashion, art and design market, but this description really doesn’t do it justice. Designers, artists and other creatives show and sell their works of art. You can find (organic) food, vintage clothing, jewelry, accessories, home decoration, furniture, affordable art etc. Basically anything, but all of it is pure craftsmanship.

Last week Boyfriend and I faced the freezing cold for a visit. I hadn’t planned on getting anything, but when I saw a stall selling organic wool, I had to have a look. Well actually, I didn’t really want to have a look (the stall was outside and it was COLD!), but Boyfriend urged me to have a look anyway. And I’m really happy he did.

I’m not an expert on wool or anything, but this100% Organic Merino as so soft and beautiful that I had to get it. The brand is called Nimbus and it’s made in Germany by Aterlier Zitron. The store I bought it from is called Weldraad. They have a webshop, but also attend the organic market on the Nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam on Saturday and on the Botermarkt in Haarlem on Friday. And this time, they were also on the Sunday Market at Amsterdam Westerpark.

Nimbus is available in many different colours, but I choose a blue-ish grey and bought 4 balls. I have to be honest, the yarn isn’t cheap (€5,90 a piece), but definitely worth every penny. I decided to crochet this scarf:

It may look like a difficult pattern, but it’s actually really easy. All you need to know are the following stitches:

  • chain stitches
  • double crochet
  • double treble crochet

I’m not an experienced crocheter and learned to crochet by watching youtube videos and reading blogs. So if I can make this scarf, anyone can! It doesn’t require a lot of experience. It does, however, require a fair amount of time.

It took me approximately 20 hours to complete the scarf and in the end I even decided to slightly alter the pattern. I actually wanted a round scarf that I could wrap twice, so I made the scarf slightly shorter than the pattern indicated and then crocheted the ends together with double crochet stitches. Here’s the end result:

I’m really proud of my creation. I have a beautiful, warm, soft, handmade scarf in a colour that suits me and have really enjoyed making it. Can’t wait to wear it!

I do fear that I may have a new addiction. I’m embarrassed to say that yesterday I crocheted for 8 hours(!). And I have already started a new project. A bit compulsive isn’t it?

Is it really cheaper to crochet your own scarf? It can be, if you don’t buy expensive wool like I did. But you also need to take into consideration the amount of time that you have to invest. However, making something yourself is far more rewarding and you can select a pattern and colour that really suits your style. And DIY is definitely more rewarding and relaxing than running around town to find the exact scarf you want. So: I’d prefer DIY over shopping any time.