9 questions to get to know me a bit better

About me

1. What makes you happy?

Until recently, my answer would probably have been: shopping! Or perhaps more: getting a good deal (which, as you can read in my previous entry, is all genetic). Now that I’ve stopped, I’m starting to realise that shopping actually didn’t give me much pleasure and it’s already opened me up to so many other activities that I really get pleasure from. For example:

  • playing with my dog in the park and seeing his excitement when we play with a ball or stick.
  • watching Boyfriend eat my home-baked cake. It so happens that I baked a lovely apple / berry cobbler yesterday. And it was an absolute delight watching Boyfriend munch it and going in for seconds as well.
  • being artsy/crafty. crocheting, knitting, beading. I like it all.
  • going for long walks, preferably in Amsterdam
  • dancing!

2. What’s your favorite source of inspiration?

Amsterdam. A lovely and lively city rich in culture and history, but also very trendy.

3. What’s your signature item?

Difficult to say. I think anything with a floral print and glasses.

About me and fashion

4. What’s the first garment you have memories about?

Hmmm. I remember walking around in my red, white and blue outfit (red top, white skirt and blue shoes) when Holland won the European Championship in 1988. Not my favourite outfit, but very appropriate for the occasion.

5. I need fashion because…

I don’t ‘need’ fashion, which is exactly why I’ve chosen to go on a shopping sabbatical

6. What would be your dream collaboration in the fashion/creative industry?

Seeing as I’m more of a shopaholic and less of a fashionista, I really wouldn’t know. I do like the fact that H&M is working together with famous designers, but so far these collaborations haven’t really produced items that I myself would actually wear (or buy!)

About me and the project: stop shopping for 1 year

7. What’s your largest fashion addiction?

Accessories, and scarves in particular (an affordable way to change your look) and anything from the H&M.

8. Who would you like to have a swap-party with?

Kate Middleton (if only we were the same size)

9. What do you contribute to a sustainable future?

  • give away clothes to charity
  • buy and sell on E-bay
  • use green energy
  • got a library card (instead of buying books and magazines)
  • don’t use a dryer

On my list of things to do:

  • not use plastic bags anymore
  • not buy water in bottles anymore
  • get an eco ball for my washing