About me

Hi, my name is Joyce and I’m a self-confessed shopaholic. Over the past few years I have been expanding my wardrobe space to ridiculous proportions, shopping excessively, obsessively and unnecessarily. It now encompasses three large wardrobes and additional space at my boyfriend’s house. The vast majority of the purchases I bring home are superfluous and I truly think I have more than enough clothes to allow me to wear a different outfit every day for a year, quite possibly even longer. I spend more money on clothes than I spend on any of the bare necessities of life. I would rather shop than eat. I have actually shopped instead of eaten…

And now I have decided that enough is enough. This year I want to free myself from my excessive shopping binges and learn to be more appreciative of and more creative with what I already have. So I have taken up the extremely daunting and difficult challenge of not buying clothes for one whole year. One whole year… a major challenge for someone who hasn’t even been able to go without shopping for a week.

I’m nervous, but excited and looking forward to the new experiences that I’m hoping this shopping sabbatical will provide me with. And I’m very much looking forward to sharing these experiences with you.

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